Green Makeover  

last update 14/10/2019


Green Makeover specialises in waste audits for businesses and organisations. Find out what is in your waste. Green Makeover can help your business or organisation reduce waste and improve sustainability.  Specialising in waste audits undertaken by physically separating and weighing material. Waste audits to suit:

  1. Your own specifications.

  2. Whole buildings / facilities.

  3. Tenancies, large & small.

  4. Victorian Government FRD24D reporting.

  5. NABERS composition, contamination & density audits.


Welcome to Green Makeover


Waste audits

Find out what is in your waste and where you can make a difference.

Improve your recycling rate.

Cut waste to landfill.

Get more reliable waste data.

Verify data from waste companies and cleaners.